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Hours ahead of the audio launch of Kamal Haasan's much-awaited "Uthama Villain", the makers of the film released the track list of the movie.

"Uthama Villain" has a total of 17 tracks that are composed by Ghibran. The album consists of seven songs, seven background scores (BGM) and three karaoke numbers.

Ghibran had already received much appreciation for the background score of the trailer. The release of the track list has only raised fans' expectations from the album.

"Uthama Villain" will be the first Tamil film to release the background score of the movie along with its songs. This doesn't come as a surprise to many as Kamal Haasan is known for doing something new with his films.

The audio launch function, which will be taking place on 1 March, is therefore expected to be an extravagant affair.

The "Uthama Villain" team had also roped in orchestrators Juke Blume and Graham Fotte, and well-known ethnic wind instrument musician Sandro Friedrich to work on the movie's music.

Meanwhile, the track list of the movie is as follows:

1. "Loveaa Loveaa"

2. "Kadhalaam Kadavul Mun"

3. "Uttaman Introduction"

4. "Saagaavaram"

5. "Iraniyan Naadagam"

6. "Mutharasan Kadhai"

7. "Uttaman Kadhai"

8. "Uttama Villain" Theme - Instrumental Version

9. "Guru & Sishya" - Instrumental Version

10. "Father & Daughter" - Instrumental Version

11. "Uttaman & Karpagavalli" - Instrumental Version

12. "Father & Son" - Instrumental Version

13. "Letter from & to Yamini" - Instrumental Version

14. "Dr. Arpana" - Karaoke Version

15. "Kadhalaam Kadavul Mun" - Karaoke Version

16. "Saagaavaram" - Karaoke Version

17. "Iraniyan Naadagam" - Karaoke Version

Directed by actor and filmmaker Ramesh Arvind, the story, screenplay and dialogues of "Uthama Villain" is done by Kamal Haasan.

The film's cast includes Urvashi, Andreah Jeremiah, K Viswanath, Pooja Kumar, Nasser, Jayaram, MS Bhaskar and Parvathi Menon. Legendary filmmaker K Balachander will make a special appearance in the movie.

"Uthama Villain" is scheduled to hit screens on 2 April.