Twitter Reinstates Blocking Following User backlash
A brief change to the way users block other users has been reversed following online backlash. (Reuters)

The Twitter handle @RatchetJeopardy has become a rage on the Internet, soon after it made its debut with a series of entertaining questions on Monday.

The game resembles the traditional jeopardy game, where the answer appears on a blue screen and contestants must supply the answer.

@RatchetJeopardy, too, follows the same game plan, and the only difference is in the nature of its questions. While the traditional jeopardy tends to stick to questions of a more serious nature, the @RatchetJeopardy questions are offbeat, sometimes bordering offensive.

The Twitter handle asks its users to participate in the game by answering the questions using the GhettoJeopardy hashtag. In some cases, the game offers play money in the $200-$800 range.

And, although most of the questions are racially charged, players haven't found them offensive. A lot of these questions poke fun at celebrities too.
Check out some of @RatchetJeopardy's questions below.

@RatchetJeopardy's 54 tweets have been retweeted by thousands of its nearly 30,000 followers after being active only for a day. But the Twitter handle isn't following anyone yet.

It is also not known who is behind the game.