Makers of "Ghayal Once Again" (previously titled "Ghayal Returns"), starring Sunny Deol, have released a new poster of the film, introducing one of the lead characters in the movie.

The new poster of "Ghayal Once Again" introduces the character of Rohan, played by Shivam Patil.

The poster shows Shivam running for his life, with some fire in the background and half of Sunny Deol's angry face.

Deol shared the poster on Twitter with the caption: "He believed in TRUTH and JUSTICE,and so he dared .Will you support his beliefs? Will you fight for him? Meet Rohan (sic)."

Apparently, makers of the film will introduce all the main characters of the film by releasing individual posters of the actors.

The cast of "Ghayal Once Again" includes four teenagers along with Sunny Deol. It is a story about how the four fun-loving kids take a stand against something wrong and become the target of a corrupt and powerful man.

And then, Sunny Deol comes as their saviour and fights against the system for the four honest kids.

The trailer of the film was launched a few days back and showed some high-flying action by Deol. The sequel to the actor's 1990 superhit film "Ghayal", "Ghayal Once Again" will reportedly start from the point where the original film ended.

The film is slated to be released on 15 January.