Sunny Deol has controlled several goons on-screen with his "dhai kilo ka haath", but the actor is apparently finding it troublesome to manage a real-life catfight on the sets of "Ghayal Once Again".

It has been reported that two actresses of "Ghayal Once Again", Aanchal Munjal and Diana Khan, cannot stand each other and have been getting into brawls on the film's sets.

Recently, the two new actresses' cat fight went to the next level when the duo had to share a vanity van, and involved their mothers in the quarrel. Ultimately, Sunny had to intervene and control the situation.

"Things got nasty between the two girls when they were preparing for the shoot. It was clear that they were locked in a game of one-upmanship since they were sharing a vanity van. But matters got worse when Aanchal and her mother took the van keys with them. Before things could get uglier, Sunny stepped in and pacified the girls and their mothers. He told Aanchal and her mother they were not allowed to take control of the vanity van. Things then calmed down," Mid-Day quoted a source as saying.

The report also quoted another source as saying that Aanchal and her mother locked the vanity van as there were some of her belongings inside the van whereas Diana had already taken out her belongings. However, things heated up as Diana wanted to use the washroom but the van was locked.

"When Aanchal tried to explain why it was locked, she (Diana's mother) got hysterical and yelled at her. So, Aanchal's mother joined in the argument. We were silent witnesses. Sunny intervened and brought the squabble to an end, but he is upset over their catfights," said the source.

"Ghayal Once Again", previously titled "Ghayal Returns", is a sequel to the 1990 blockbuster "Ghayal". It will hit the screens on 15 January.