"Getting On" is back for its third and final season this Sunday with the episode "This is about Vomit, People", which will see Dr Jenna James' job being threatened by a new doctor at the Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit.

According to spoilers, the series picks up eight months after the events of the Season 2 finale, which saw Dr James and her staff becoming the target of a fraud investigation. Surprisingly, none of them lose their jobs, and the new season will see a fresh face entering the hospital to work with them and remind them of their ethics.

The new doctor's arrival has everyone on their toes, and the air is thick with rumours of layoffs.
The official synopsis for "This Is About Vomit, People" reads:

Dr Jenna James finds her job threatened by a handsome new doctor; DiDi is inspired to fight for her union rights; Patsy is forced to return to floor duty; Dawn questions her marriage.

"Getting On" is a dark comedy that follows the staff in the women's geriatric long-term care ward of Billy Barnes medical unit, and like its previous two seasons, the series finale will also consist of six episodes spanning 30 minutes each.

The cast of the show recently spoke to Vanity Fair about filming the final season, and according to Niecy Nash, who plays Nurse DiDi, the show has dealt with its end the same way as one confronts death.

"I love the way we handled the inevitable, with grace and with dignity," she told the publication.

But Alex Borstein, who plays Nurse Dawn, does not see it the same way. "I did not handle it with grace or dignity. I still refuse to accept it. I cried like a baby and kind of had a breakdown. I really just lost it. The weekend after we wrapped, I was a disaster. The closest feeling [to it] is when I lost my own grandmother, who I was so close to. It really felt so similar. This warm, amazing experience slipping through a funnel," she said. "It just was so painful. It's hard for me to really accept."

"Getting On" season 3 premieres 8 November at 10 pm on HBO. The episode can also be watched online via HBO Now and HBO Go.