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Ranbir Kapoor has surely shrugged off his Casanova image ever since he started dating Katrina Kaif. But if it's a Bollywood couple, rumours will automatically surround them every time.

Here are few hot rumours about the couple that made headlines.

Secretly got engaged in London

Ever since Ranbir Kapoor and girlfriend Katrina Kaif moved in together in a plush flat in Bandra, rumours of them tying the knot have been doing the rounds. There were rumours that the much-in-love stars got engaged at a private ceremony in London.

Kaif slammed the news saying, "No, I am not. Engagement is to tell the world that right now we are promised to get married. I have not reached that place in my life. I really wished that tabloids, magazines and news channels stop making conjectures about that as it spoils the spontaneity of it when it finally happens."

Ranbir's Parents Not in favour of this relationship

There was buzz all around the time when Ranbir started dating Katrina that the Kapoor scion was not allowed to enter his family home. It was reported that Nitu Kapoor still likes and wants Deepika to be her daughter-in-law. Even a picture went viral online where Neetu had allegedly cropped Kaif out of the Kapoor family picture.

Katrina tried to create a Whatsapp group which included Kapoor family members

After all these rumours, one more came up that the "Bang Bang" actress made an attempt to create a Whatsapp group to get closer to Kapoor family. But her attempt went into vain as Rishi Kapoor immediately exited the group.

Cold vibes between Katrina and ex-lover Deepika

It seems Padukone still blames Katrina for her break up with Ranbir. The actress shares extremely cold vibes with Kaif, according to the rumours mills.

Katrina opted out of huge three film deal to settle down with Ranbir

Recent rumours are abuzz that Katrina turned down a huge three film offer because it demanded her dates in bulk. "She is apparently returning the signing amount because she plans to settle down with Ranbir soon, and that's why she is not in a position to commit bulk dates to new projects," Hindustan Times quotes a source as saying.