Work from home
Work from home

The road for the job economy is fraught with curves, ups, and downs. At times when the already ruined Indian economy is not producing enough jobs to youth, COVID-19 pandemic has raised unemployment to staggeringly high numbers.

Coronavirus is an entirely unprecedented situation. And - when the ongoing lockdown restrictions, safety measures, and guidelines are in place, Work from Home is undoubtedly the most viable option.

While a small section (especially freelancers and IT-sector workers) are already familiar to the concept of remote working, for a significant number of employees – Work from Home is a firsthand experience. Therefore, transitioning to Work from home models for employees would not be easy.

Indeed, it would take efforts from both the employers and employees to adjust to these new normal of lives. And– To make the transition even smoother and hassle-free, here are some incredible Work from Home tips to follow.

1. Avoid Distractions

When it comes to working from home, the road is not always smooth. There are multiple challenges ahead of you, and successfully overcoming them requires complete focus and dedication. The biggest obstacle is a distraction – it could be your phone, your family members, pets, or even visitors on the door. Hence, it is crucial for you to neglect these hurdles and not indulge in distractions to make your WFH journey a stellar success. To do this, you can use a headphone to prevent noise distractions and choose an isolated workplace.

2. Become Technology First

Technology is inevitable for remote working. Whether it be virtual communication, project management, broadband, or time management, being acquainted with new technology is always a plus-point for remote working. Start by learning new technology. And there could be no better way to start other than these tools from the Heck Oh Yeah website. Take help from your team where necessary.

3. Organize Yourself

To make sure – there is no need for you to take unplanned breaks during work hours. It is essential to stay organized ahead of your schedule. Make a list of items you need – pen, paper, diary, laptop, and necessary tools. Maintain proper communication with family members to ensure uninterrupted work hours. Make a routine and follow it unwaveringly – of course, share it with your friends and family, so they always know when to talk to you.

4. Schedule Management

For you, following a schedule is as important as meeting your project deadlines. Moreover, it is vital to furnish critical work hours to ensure that job conditions are met. Hence, it is of utmost essential to ensure you commit to working affairs more than anything else. Additionally, if you don't heed to your job schedule, you might risk downgrading your reputation among employers. This action could eventually culminate in job loss at hard times like this when every firm is eyeing for a cost cut.

5. Chose an Ideal Workplace

The best way to sail smoothly in your WFH voyage is to be attentive and responsive to your employer's instructions. This plan-of-action is only possible if you have all kinds of resources and technology to support a day to day WFH routine. Hence, choosing an ideal workplace becomes super relevant. To do this, select a separate room with a clear cut background or don't have a place –make boundaries within your common room using partitions or glass.

6. Be Serious About Your Work

Last but not least, it is always important to be serious about work. Do not abuse the WFH opportunities or isolate yourself from employee communication. Since working from home utterly interdependent on two-way communication, always be ready to take directions. And ultimately- if you feel lost about the projects or need necessary briefings, don't hesitate to reach your team out.