GTA Online Title Update for PS3 Released by Rockstar
GTA 5 Facebook/Rockstar Games

Along with 69 missions in the game, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) also includes many activities going on in the background, which can be performed by a player. Some of the activities include para-gliding, dirt-biking, playing different sports, property buying. Getting rich quickly can be one of them.

Gamers who already have the access to GTA 5 game on their consoles have revealed a list of companies in the game, along with their competitors where a player can rob one of them and invest in the other one to get rich in no time. However, there have been no cheat-codes reported for getting rich in the game.

The list of companies and competitor has been revealed by Gamers on Reddit Forum:

CoolBeans - BeanMachine
Burgershot - Up-An-Atom
Clucking Bell - TacoBomb
FlyUS - AirEmu
GoPostal - PostOP
Bilkington - DollarPills
Pisswasser - Logger
MazeBank - BankOfLiberty
Redwood - Debonaire
Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter - Bullhead
RadioLosSantos - WorldwideFM
eCola - Raine

It has been also noted that the PlayStation Network's (PSN) digital release of the game has been a little disappointing for the GTA 5 fans as the game was found stuttering frames in the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console.

It has been said that the game runs fine at the start with heist prologue followed by Trevor playing fine across the five play-throughs on the 60 GH HDD PS3 console. No texture or geometry pop-ups are seen during gunplay or glaring issues while driving across the snowy wastelands, reports Eurogamer.

However, the problem starts during the opening montage of Los Santos' beaches. The video seems to cut many areas with ground textures found to pop-up half a second late along with delays in shadow maps and creating grass textures.

The frames stuttering is said to happen after roaming around the busy streets and other places in the game for five minutes and one can notice the long time taken to make the images of buildings and other textures clearer.

Here is the comparison video of the PSN digital download version and the PS3 retail version of the game.


[Video Courtesy: Digital Foundry]