Rahul Gandhi
A boy holds a poster of Rahul Gandhi after an election campaign rally in Kolkata on 8 May, 2014.Reuters file

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi's sabbatical is fast becoming the subject of mockery in various parts of Uttar Pradesh.

Posters titled 'Amethi Without a Leader' in Mr Gandhi's constituency and a Hindi film song to pass on that message "Jaane woh Kaunsa desh, Jahan tum chale Gaye (who knows which country you have gone)," are doing the rounds, reports NDTV. The posters also highlight some of the problems of Amethi - poor health services and bad roads, and make mention of a reward for any information on the Congress leader.

BJP leader and union minister Uma Bharti is faring no better in her constituency Jhansi. A local party has targeted Ms Bharti as well as Rahul Gandhi for making false promises to develop the Bundelkhand region and then doing the vanishing act.

BJP workers recently put up posters titled 'Laapata (missing)' in Bulandshahr and Allahabad. Even a reward was announced for any information on the Congress vice-president.

Last month, Congress workers demanded Priyanka Gandhi be made party president, because of her brother's absence, via posters in Allahabad.

Rahul Gandhi and Uma Bharti are not the only ones to be attacked through posters for neglecting their constituencies. Mulayam Singh Yadav and Hema Malini have suffered similarly in the past.