Amala Paul's Aadai Teaser
Amala Paul's Aadai teaser.PR Handout

The first teaser from Amala Paul's upcoming movie Aadai came as a shock to the audience across South India. The sensational video raised eyebrows over the bold and nude sequence of the actress. While hardcore cine-goers and a large section of film fraternity appreciated the 27-year old for taking up the courageous role, it also cost her a movie with Vijay Sethupathi.

Despite the mixed response, the makers of Aadai are now getting ready to unveil the second teaser from the film. It has been formally announced by director Rathna Kumar on Twitter.

""Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you". Chin up and march on @Amala_ams. #AADAITeaser2 in few days. #AADAI. [sic]" he wrote.

However, the date and time of the teaser release have not been revealed yet, but the rumours say that it is likely to be out in the first week of July.

Coming to the first teaser, it showcased cops arriving at a building to find a bruised and battered woman in a nude state. Apparently, the scenes indicated that she was a rape victim.

However, she paid a big price for her courageous role as she was thrown out of the Vijay Sethupathi's upcoming movie, presently referred to as VSP33. The actress opened up on the issue in a press release where the actress revealed that she was in Mumbai when the producer sent her the message of her ouster from the flick.

"As Chandaraa production always mewls about their budget issues. Out of the blue the producer, Mr. Rathienavelu Kumar, sends me a message stating that he doesn't want me in the film as my demands and terms doesn't suit Chandaraa Arts' project. Only to discover that he is referring to the demand of an accommodation in Ooty. Anyhow, he never bothered to call me before making his conclusions and hastily decided to throw me out of an ongoing project.

This brouhaha doesn't make sense to me. The only thing that sounds vaguely plausible is that he took this decision after the release of 'Aadai" teaser. It's just a patriarchal, egoistic, traditional mindset of Chandaraa Arts Production that this is happening right after the release of Aadai teaser and my image is being sabotaged with multiple baseless rumours that are mischievously being floated around in the industry. [sic]" Amala Paul claims.