Fast and Furious 8

As the Fast and Furious 8 contest held by International Business Times India, in association with SonyPIX and Social, comes to an end, it is time to announce the winners. But before that IBTimes India would like to thank the participants for their response.

Thousands of people had participated across social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Their ability to keep an eye out for Easter eggs in the film Fast and Furious 8 was what won them the gift. All they had to do was, watch the film and answer a few not-so-tough questions about the film.

Well, that would have been interesting because the film features some exhilarating action sequence and of course, those gorgeous cars that might just end up becoming your dream cars.

The fans had to answer trivia questions posted on social media, and people with the right answer won vouchers from 'Social,' to enjoy an evening of their favourite cuisine with 'Social.'

Congratulations to Sharon from Bengaluru, Iti Barua from New Delhi and Tarique Khan from Mumbai for winning the Fast And Furious 8 trivia with IBTimes India, SonyPIX, and Social held from August 11 to 13.