Search engine giant Google is all set to withdraw its Drive cloud storage service for Microsoft PCs and Apple Macs by the end of 2017. 

The company has announced that the Google Drive for PC and Mac will cease to exist from December 11, 2017 onwards. Users will be not be able to upload files to the cloud storage after that. 

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Google will completely shut down the Drive service on March 12, 2018. The subscribers will start getting migration notifications from October onwards, requesting them to finish the process before March 12 next year. Otherwise, anything left in the Google Drive after that will no longer be accessible.

Common PC and Mac users are advised to go Google's alternate cloud storage service: Backup and Sync, whereas the business enterprises, who are subscribed to G Suite edition are told to migrate their data from Google Drive to the new platform,  the 'Drive File Stream'.

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Get ready to Backup and Sync, Google Drive support for PC and Mac to end in December 2017Google Official Blog (screen-shot)

The Drive File Stream was launched earlier this year in March and was adopted only by a few interested firms. Now, company has turned on the Admin console for Drive File Stream (located at Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Data Access) to all subscriber companies.

But, these settings could not be accessed by their employees until September 26, when Drive File Stream becomes generally available.

It has to be noted that Google Drive sync feature on Android-based mobile, tablets and Apple iPhones and iPads will  not be affected, as the company is shutting down the service  only for the PCs.

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