Get Even
Get Even gets a teaser trailer.thefarm51

Polish indie developer Farm 51 has released a teaser trailer titled 'What is Real' of their upcoming thriller FPS video game, Get Even.

The game blends the thriller and horror aspect into first-person-shooting where the trailer shows soldiers entering an abandoned building. It shows that what the player assumes to be real might not be real at all. It can be seen that the building gets morphed into a glowing computer mainframe and then returns to the original abandoned building. The trailer also shows how the soldiers who entered the building enter only to die later.

In Get Even, players will be taking a plunge into the memories of the main characters and the paths are chosen according to their personality traits for the story to progress.

Farm 51 announced Get Even at the French Game Connection conference in December, Polygon reports. The game aims to "remove" the artificial line drawn between single-player and multiplayer and allows players to join campaigns of others any time they chose to. It also allows other players to act as enemies and thus players will not be able to distinguish if the enemy is an AI or real player, thus adding a new dimension to the gameplay.

The game has two warring heroes and the player will go through events form the perspective of the two. The storytelling in the game is "primarily through gameplay, exploration and interacting with environment," claims the official website of the developer.

The game achieves a new level of photorealism using 3D scanning of the real environment and characters. It also has guns that can fire around the corners and can also be linked to the in-game smartphone of your characters.

The game will be releasing in 2015 for PC and next-generation titles.

(YouTube Courtesy: The Farm 51)