Germany has recruited at least 8,500 teachers to teach German language to about two lakh child refugees who have arrived in the country over the last one year.

The federal states of Germany have established 8,264 special learning classes for around 196,000 refugee children. However, chairman of the Association of German Philologists Heinz Peter Meidinger believes that there is still lack of adequate number of teachers, Die Welt reported.

Moreover, Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK) -- the Education System in the Federal Republic of Germany -- expects the number of school-going refugees to rise to 3,25,000 by the end of 2015. Meidinger said that Germany will need to recruit additional 20,000 teachers to fill the existing gap and meet the future needs.

"By next summer, at the latest, we will feel that gap," Meidinger told Die Welt, AFP reported.

The arrival of refugees and migrants in Germany is expected to see fivefold increase compared to last year, which is likely to put strain on its educational system.

"Schools and education administrations have never been confronted with such a challenge... We must accept that this exceptional situation will become the norm for a long time to come," KMK head Brunhild Kurth told Die Welt.

Europe is struggling with major migration crisis since World War II. Nearly 60 million migrants and Refugees from several Middle Eastern and African countries have taken shelter in the European countries in the last few years.