German police
Pictured: German policeReuters File

A police officer in Germany reportedly force-fed a Muslim migrant pork off the floor and later shared the humiliating video on Whatsapp.

The details came to light after Humburg-based German radio channel Norddeutscher Rundfunk(NDR) carried out an investigation and found that officers at the Hanover police station were abusing Muslim migrants for entertainment.

As of now, only one German police officer has been placed under suspension, after the Whatsapp video, in which he is seen choking an Afghan asylum seeker and forcing a Moroccan Muslim to eat rotten pork from the floor, went viral. 

Muslims are forbidden from eating pork as it is considered haram in Islam.

The suspended Hanover police officer had shared the video on Whatsapp with his colleagues while boasting that at least twice he had humiliated Muslims.

In one case that involved a 19-year-old Muslim migrant from Afghanistan, it was found out he was arrested in March 2014 at the Hanover train station for not having a valid passport.

The NDR investigations found messages exchanged between police officers on Whatsapp where an officer wrote: "I knocked him away. An Afghan. With prohibited entry (to Germany). I stuck my finger in his nose. And he choked. It was funny. And I dragged him by the foot shackles through the station. It was great. He squealed like a pig. It was a gift from Allah."

The second case was the arrest of a 19-year-old Moroccon Muslim at a railway station for failing to furnish a ticket on a regional train; he was later assaulted by the police. After recording his humilation on a video, an officer on Whatsapp wrote, "Heard him squeal like a pig."

"Then the bastard gobbled up the rotten pork leftovers in the refrigerator. Off the floor," the officer added.