The Kerala police have recovered documents which confirm the arrested person accused for raping a German national in Rajasthan, March 2006, is Bitti Mohanty.

According to Zee News, police confirmed the identity from a government card belonging to Bitti's father BB Mohanty, a former Orissa DGP. The card was recovered from Bitty's house in Puttaparthi. After a thorough search, police also found fake documents which stated his identity as 'Ragav Rajan'. They also seized a laptop for investigation.

BB Mohanty was accused of aiding his son's escape and was suspended but later reinstated. He retired in 2012.

Bitti was arrested in November 2006 for raping a German woman in Rajastan's Alwar. He jumped a 15-day parole parole in 2006 in Rajasthan and escaped to Kerala where he secured a job as a probationary officer in State Bank of Travancore. An anonymous letter claiming his false identity was sent to the bank which consecutively led to his arrest on 8 March.

The anonymous letter which triggered his arrest was reportedly sent by a woman assumed to be his lover and colleague at the bank.

He faces charges of cheating, forgery along with the rape sentence.

After his arrest, Kerala police formed an enquiry team to ascertain Bitti's identity as he repeatedly insisted he was 'Ragav Rajan'.

Though authorites have confirmed his identity, a finger print and blood sample match may also be required. A DNA test may be conducted after Bitti reaches Jaipur on Thursday.