Shahak Shapira, in a protest, paints multiple 'hate speech' at Twitter's Hamburg office. He claimed that, he had reported 300 incidents of hate speech in six months, but Twitter had responded to just nine. And the nine responses he got from Twitter stated that, the reported tweets did not violate the site's rules.

The German satirist said, he only wanted to capture the company's attention 'offline' by stencilling the 'hate speech' tweets outside Twitter HQ in Europe. He claims, the popular micro-blogging site is failing to delete the offending messages from its site.

Shahak has also posted a video on YouTube stencilling 30 tweets. "If Twitter forces me to see these things, then they'll have to see them too," the satirist said in the video, posted on Monday.

In his video titled #HeyTwitter, he explains that after making the stencils of the hate-filled messages, he travelled to Hamburg to paint them in front of the Twitter's headquarters.

Will Twitter take action this time or will it ignore Shahak yet again?

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