• India has a 'rape problem.'
    India has a 'rape problem.'Twitter
  • India has a 'rape problem.'
    India has a 'rape problem.'Twitter
  • India has a 'rape problem.'
    India has a 'rape problem.'Twitter

An aspiring Indian student, who had applied in a German university, was denied internship by a professor, who cited India's 'rape problem' as reason for his disqualification.

If the screenshots of their email interaction are anything to go by, then the matter reflects the damning perspective that the world has come to hold of India.

The emails from a professor from the Leipzig University ― identified in one screenshot as Annette Beck Sickinger of the Institute of Biochemistry ― raised concern that the applicant came from India, where there is a 'rape problem' because of which he was denied admission.

"Unfortunately I don't accept any Indian male students for internships. We hear a lot about the rape problem in India which I cannot support. I have many female students in my group, so I think this attitude is something I cannot support, " Professor Sickinger states in the email correspondence.

The applicant, whose identity is yet to be revealed, in another mail, questions Professor Sickinger as to why she was generalising the issue, to which the professor replied:

"I fully agree that this is a generalisation and may not apply to individuals. However, it is also unbelievable that the Indian society is not able to solve this problem for many years now. Reports reach Germany on a weekly base, and especially these "multi-rape crimes" are threatening, but for me also demonstrate the attitude of a society towards women. Also female tourists are kidnapped by groups of males and then abused.

"Many female professors in Germany decided to no longer accept male Indian students for these reasons, and currently other European female association are joining. Of course we cannot change or influence the Indian society, but only take our consequences here in Europe."

The screenshots of the email are widely being shared on Facebook and Twitter. Many online users have asked the Indian government to take up the matter with Germany

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Khyati Rajvanshi ‏@Khyati333   South East, England

Outrageous! People need to stop stereotyping and treat rape as a global issue 

Avinash Gavai ‏@Rantaramic 

#facepalm: Indian dude is denied an internship In #Germany because he comes from a 'country with a rape problem'

पोंगा पंडित ‏@Ponga_Pandit

German professor bans Indian student cz he thinks India has rape culture. Well, during World War, Germany used to have prostitute culture.