Baby Girl Born with Zero Droplets of Blood, starts School
Maisy Vignes was born without a single droplet of blood in her bodyReuters

A German citizen has become the first transgender man in Europe to conceive and give birth to a baby, naturally.

The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, gave birth to a baby boy on 18 March, at his home in Neukoellin district of Berlin.  

The man, who had conceived with the help of a sperm donor, didn't want to give birth in a hospital since he would be referred to as a 'mother' in the birth certificate.

"The person in question did not want to appear as a mother but as a father on the birth certificate and that request has been honoured," spokesperson for the Berlin Senate Administration for Internal Affairs, told, iol lifestyle.

According to reports, the man, who was born female, has been undergoing hormone therapies to change his sex and become a man. But he had kept his female sexual reproductive organs intact, which resulted in the pregnancy.

The news has invited mixed reactions on social media circles and has raised concern about the actual cause behind a transgender man opting to have a child.

"These stories worry me about the state of care for transgendered people," one of the readers, while responding to the news, wrote in Daily Mail.

"There are meant to be intense psychological tests carried out before starting gender reassignment surgery. It's difficult to imagine how and why these pregnancies happen when surely such things should flag up that perhaps the patient is not getting what they actually need."

Transgender births have been part of medical history for quite some time. Thomas Beatie, popularly known as the world's first pregnant man, made headlines around the world when he became pregnant via artificial insemination in 2007. Though his first pregnancy was ectopic (an occurrence when the egg implants and develops in the fallopian tubes), he has given birth to his three children with his wife of nine years, Nancy. Beatie was transformed to a complete man after he underwent a female-to-male gender reassignment surgery in April, 2012.