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The final episode of season 8 of Game of Thrones has aired and the show is finally over. Fans are divided over the quality of the final season as a whole. But it looks like most fans were left disappointed with the way, the final season was handled.

But there might be some good news for fans after all as author George R.R. Martin is planning to stick to his guns when it comes to the plotline despite what viewers want. "George R R Martin has seen the outcry of all the fans that hated this season and the choices that were made that led to the ending that was not that fulfilling to most. But as George continues to write the next two books he is in the head space that not much is going to change," a source close to the 77-year-old author tells exclusively. 

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The final season consistently disappointed fans with each new episode and the final send-off for the show was a let-down as well. Fans were left with unanswered questions and gaping plot-holes that pretty much undid everything that was built up in the past seasons. The source added that it George R.R. Martin is hoping for fans to realize that he has a lot more room for explanation of storytelling. But he might not be changing much from what people saw in the finale.

"People close to him have definitely mentioned and asked for him to spin it a little and retcon things that people hated, but George is currently sticking to his guns," the insider said. Game of Thrones has finally come to an end. The hit HBO TV show ended on a sour note but it still has the legacy of being one of the most popular shows in the world.