George Bush Went on a Date with Richard Nixon's Daughter
Former United States President George W. Bush walks onto the stage at a program to launch his new book titled "41: A Portrait of My Father" at the George Bush Presidential Library Center in College Station, Texas November 11, 2014.Reuters

In his new book "41 — A Portrait of My Father", George W. Bush mentions that he once went on a disastrous blind date with the daughter of then President Richard Nixon in the late 1960s.

Hoping for the beginning of a new American political dynasty, George H.W. Bush had arranged a blind date with Tricia Nixon for his 22-year-old son. He was Texas Congressman at that time and his son was a pilot in the National Guard.

The year was 1968 and they met at an event held in honour of the Apollo 8 spaceflight crew, the Telegraph reports.

He recalls in the book: "During dinner, I reached for some butter, knocked over a glass, and watched in horror as the stain of red wine crept across the table."

He continued: "Then I fired up a cigarette, prompting a polite suggestion from Tricia that I not smoke."

He further wrote that he understood that the date had come to an end when Tricia asked him to drop her back to the White House immediately after dinner. "When I returned to the party, my father was standing around chatting with a few friends."

One friend of his father's asked, "Get any?"

"Not even close," Bush replied with a grin, the Daily Caller reports.

He also mentioned that this date- to pick up Tricia Nixon – was his first trip to the White House, although a romantic liaison could not be achieved in the awkward date.

He states that more than thirty years later, when he entered the gates of the White House – now as a President – "I thought back to my first visit and had a good chuckle," Mr Bush writes.

The book, which released Tuesday, is the biography of his father, but he dubbed it as a "love story" about the former President George H.W. Bush. The elder Bush was the 41st President of the United States, while his eldest son was the 43rd.