Mahindra and Mahindra will unveil the world's fastest e-car , Battista at the Geneva Motor Show, 2019Twitter

As the curtains are taken off the 89th International Motor Show in Geneva on March 6, all eyes will be on two mega launches by Indian automobile giants Tata Motors and Mahindra.

While Tata will take the cover off its SUVs Buzzard and H2X, and premium hatchback Altroz, Mahindra is excited to launch its premium electric vehicle Battista, which is touted to be the world's fastest e-car.

Mahindra had recently acquired luxury electric vehicle brand Automobili Pininfarina. Battista is touted to be faster than a Formula 1 car in the 0-100 km/hr sub-two second sprint.

Mahindra has described Battista as a game changer in the electric sports car segment and on its arrival in 2020, it will accelerate to 62mp/hr in less than two seconds.  

Automobili Pininfarina CEO Michael Perschke said that Battista's launch will set the precedent for all the performance-centric cars and at the same time complimenting the zero-emission future.

"Battista is going to deliver a level of performance that is unachievable today in any road-legal sports car featuring internal combustion engine technology," Perschke said.

"This would be the hypercar of the future, with an incredible past," he added.

Mahindra is planning to launch at least 150 Battista manufactured in Italy and then export to North America, Middle East Africa, Europe and Asia. The car will be a unique model which will combine the design prowess of Automobili Pininfarina and the electric car manufacturing expertise of Mahindra.

Tata's pack of SUVs and premium Altroz hatchback car 

Tata Motors have a pack of cars to show at the prestigious motor show beggining with Altroz in the premium passenger vehicles segment that it plans to launch in India by mid-2019. Altroz is being described as a powerful, flexible engine options from gasoline, diesel and even electric to cater to the ever evolving demands of the customers.

The various versions of Altroz will have unique body styles with the design and development on the all-new Agile Light Flexible Advanced (ALFA) Architecture.

Tatas'Motors will unveil, Altroz in the premium hatchback car segmentGoogle Images

There is an exciting range of SUVs being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show by Tata named H2X and Buzzard. Tata Group describes H2X as its biggest launch of 2020 in the small SUV segment- a futuristic looking city car developed on the same model as Altroz .

The mini SUV will be priced in the range of Rs 4-5 lakh and would have a petrol engine to begin with. Tata Motors is keeping the flexibility option here and can switch to a hybrid engine in near future.

Buzzard, a seven seater SUV, would also be unwrapped at the motor show, although the automobile company is planning to name it differently for the Indian market. Buzzard is being developed on an  all new optimal modular efficient global advanced architecture OMEGA platform, considered a derivate of Land Rover, according to