Geetu Hinduja
Geetu Hinduja

Known for her passionate singing and alternative folk music, Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Geetu Hinduja is all set to release the music video of her latest song "Sisterhood" March 7, on the eve of International Women's Day. She collaborated with Vasuda Sharma, Alisha Pais, Shubhangi Joshi, Vivienne Pocha, Nandini Shankar, Mynah Marie and Naama Chunawala for this song. It has been written by Hinduja and Boston-based singer-songwriter Kelli Eagan.

The song is about being a woman and the journey she goes through while being herself in modern society. "It is a very personal song to me," Hinduja told International Business Times, India, over the phone. "I grew up in a household filled with women. Then, when I got married, I stayed in a joint family in where again I was surrounded by women. So, this song is inspired by all the women I have interacted with in my life." 

When eight immensely talented musicians come together to create a song, it can be expected that the song will turn out to be phenomenal. Hinduja describes it as an "intense celebration".

However, for the music video, rather than creating a story around the song, she captured the experience she had while recording the song with the others. "It captures the energy and dynamics that all of us had while recording the song," said Hinduja.

"Very often, I find women have certain insecurities their collaborators being better than them. This creates unnecessary problems. Fortunately, we had nothing of that sort when we were working on the song. It was a beautiful experience for us. So, we decided to use moments from that experience for the music video," she told IBTimes India.

Hinduja is currently working on her third album, "It's About Time", which she plans to release later this year.