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Upcoming video game "Gears of War 4" will have something special -- an Ultimate Edition -- that will allow users to play the game four days earlier than the rest of them, said a listing on

The "Gears of War 4" Ultimate Edition will cost $99.99 and those who buy it will be able to play it on October 7. The standard game will release on October 11, exclusively on Xbox One.

The listing also revealed that this edition will be coming with Season Pass and more:

  • VIP Vintage Pack -- Vintage JD character skin, vintage Gnasher and Dropshot weapon skins, vintage JD emblem and vintage JD bounty that gives you extra XP.
  • Permanent DLC map ownership for 24-plus maps -- At least two per month for 12 months.
  • VIP "Early Access" playlist -- This lets you play upcoming modes, maps, and variants before they are released publicly.
  • Six Gear Packs -- These let you unlock character and weapon skins, as well as equipment and abilities, along with bounties that offer extra XP.

Apart from this, it was also revealed that the game will eat a huge portion of the hard drive space, Microsoft asked players to keep at least 70GB to 80 GB space free. The listing also mentioned that the game will need a broadband to download.