GDC 2014
GDC 2014 will happen between 17-21 March.GDC 2014 official website

San Francisco's Moscone Center will indulge in showcasing new demoes and products from various companies in the gaming industry. It will also entertain a huge gathering of gaming professionals, enthusiasts, developers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals and media from 17 to 21 March for Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2014.

Valve has also said that there will be more from the company including Steam Controller and Virtual Reality headsets. New information on Half-Life 3 has also been teased. Apart from them, there is Sony and Microsoft's demoing of new games for its latest gaming consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively. Nintendo too has some interesting news to share at the GDC 2014.

Below are the some of the things that can be expected at GDC 2014:


Valve might showcase one of its Steam Boxes working along with SteamOS and Steam Controller and will probably have it for hands-on.

Valve has undertaken a redesign on its Steam Controller and it will be demoing it at GDC 2014. The Controller will be more in the line of some of the commonly used controllers like Sony's DualShock  and Xbox controller. The changes that went on its Controller were shown on its official blog on 14 March. Atleast 10 different iteration of Valve's new design of the Controller will be showcased for testing at GDC 2014, reports CNET.

Gabe Nawell, co-founder and managing director of Valve had hinted on Reddit that there will be details on Steam and news on Half-Life 3.

Oculus VR

Game enthusiasts have been wanting to get a hands on for Oculus Rift, an Virtual Reality (VR) headset. Though the new Crystal Cove prototype is making progress and is working on feedback on nausea induces by motion blurring, it is likely said that the headset will be on display.

It was at GDC 2013 when Oculus' 7 inch Developer Kit saw some action. Apart from Oculus VR, others too have been making inroads in Virtual Reality headsets.


Ouya have confirmed that it will be demoing 12 of its gaming titles for its Android gaming console. The games are - Toto Temple Deluxe, Duck Game, That Dragon, Cancer, Cascade, Reagan Gorbachev, Laza Knitez!!, Neverending Nightmares, Thralled, Broken Age, Whispering Willows, Knight & Damsel. It also confirmed the participation of many of its developers at their booth (316).


PlayStation 4 from Sony is now out and the company will have some teasers on new games. Also its PlayStation Vita Slim has a possibility of being showcased at GDC.

Sony has been working on its own VR headset which could be revealed at the GDC, as developers from Sony will have a panel discussion on 18 March. Developers from The Last of Us will also be present at the panel discussion confirmed Sony in its blog.

More demoes of PlayStation Now and games for other PlayStation platforms could also be a possibility.

"This is such a MASSIVE year coming up! Lots on for #PS4 #PS3 #PSVita at #GDC #E3 #Gamescom and so much more! Exciting!" tweeted, Tony Clark director of business development at Sony in January.


Microsoft could showcase an improved SmartGlass and new applications to it. An announcement on the expansion of Xbox Live could also be part of the GDC 2014. It could also reveal information on updating DirectX API to DirectX 12 during its session on 20 March.

Nintendo will also be present and is likely to focus on Wii U. Numerous Indie gamers will also be present with a panel discussion on 18 March titled, "From Indie to AAA to Indie: The Rebirth of Design." Indie Megabooth with 15 games will be present at DGC 2014.