Gary C. Laney

Gary C. Laney's recently crowned Amazon #1 Best Seller practices what it preaches. The book, "The Power of Strategic Influence!" showed the power of strategic influence while landing the top-selling spot after earning an influential endorsement from Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank. The newest bestseller from MindStir Media also included a foreword by Harrington and features interviews from twelve nationally known CEOs in a quest to identify the "10 Success Factors of Highly Influential Leaders," as the book is subtitled.

The Power of Doing Good

The Power of Strategic Influence is about doing good in the world. As the book's description notes, The Power of Strategic Influence provides "10 easy-to-follow steps... that show you how to access, utilize, develop, expand, and ultimately constructively use your influence to help make the world a better place."

This focus on positively impacting the world has been well received with Amazon readers and reviewers, which helped the book rank high on Amazon's Business Management, Systems & Planning, Strategic Management, Business Systems & Planning, and Strategic Business Planning category Best Seller lists.

Reviews from Leaders

Laney's book is receiving praise from business leaders, too. John T. Hewitt, the founder of Jackson Hewitt, said, "Gary has created a fascinating look at what makes people happy and successful. Most important is the concept of building and using influence to achieve your goals. A positive mental outlook and accepting personal responsibility should ring true for all of us."
In addition to Hewitt's review, Kevin Harrington also recorded a personal review of the book and published it on YouTube.

Experience to Fuel the Content

While the book features interviews with what it refers to as "game-changing CEOs," Laney is one, himself. He is CEO of Success Masters and he's a previous high-tech executive and serial entrepreneur. He has motivated tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, business professionals, and salespeople. Before his entrepreneurial run, he spent 25 years as an executive in corporate high-tech and commercial publishing and became known for his ability to turn around businesses and create dramatic revenue growth.

Now, his experience and skills have been captured in a book, and if you're interested in reading this new Best Seller, it is available on,, and other retailers where you find your next favorite book.