Lee Min Ho
'Gangnam Blues' star Lee Min Ho has more than 50 million followers on various social networking sites.Facebook/Lee Min Ho

"Gangnam Blues" star Lee Min Ho is likely to appear in Zhang Ziyi's upcoming Chinese thriller "Eternal Doll" as the celeb recently opened up about his plans to become part of a non-Korean action movie.

During the launch of Samsonite Red in Shanghai, China, the 27-year-old revealed that he will possibly make his comeback through a thriller. "I plan to star in a project this year. It seems like I will be selecting a piece very soon. I like genres of strong thriller and action films," the actor said, according to Koreaboo.

Meanwhile, he also hinted about his plans to appear in the upcoming Chinese film; he said, "As I am personally ambitious to star in an Asian project and not necessarily a Korean one, I am positively reviewing various projects."

Earlier, Min Ho's promotional agency Starhaus Entertainment had stated that he received a call from the Chinese actress to play a role in her next project. "It is true that Lee Min ho received a direct love-call from the actress Zhang Ziyi herself," a representative told the Korean website.

The agency even hinted at the celeb's interest in being part of the movie and stated, "He has been reviewing the film with great interest. He sees significance in participating in the film as it is originally based on a Korean novel."

So, fans of the "Gangnam Blues" star can expect to see him on the big screen with the Chinese actress in the upcoming thriller, "Eternal Doll", which is an adaptation of a Korean novel. However, they will have to wait a little longer to know the celeb's role in the film as the makers are yet to release the details.