Gang organises Fake Gay Marriages for £10,000, cheats Immigration Authorities
Gang organises Fake Gay Marriages for £10,000 to cheat Immigration Authorities in London (Representational Image)Reuters

Recently, criminal gangs in London were found organising fake gay marriages for those who want to bypass immigration process.

According to the BBC investigation, an undercover reporter approached a gang as an illegal immigrant who wants a fake wedding to get the UK citizenship, BBC reported.

Peter and Ricardo, the gang leaders, said that it is easy to cheat immigration officers as they had "fixed" weddings a "lots of times."

The gang organises the sham marriages for £10,000 and also arrange two fake Romanian brides, who are not lesbians but who act for money, Mail Online reported.

Alexandra, one of the girls, said that she can deceive the immigration officers as she has done it six times before.

"We have to declare we live together... That's not gonna happen but that's what we have to declare," she said.

She further added that she can arrange photo shoots as a gay couple holding hands to make their fake wedding more convincing in front of the immigration authorities.

According to Mirror, Mark Rimmer of registration and nationality services at Brent council
said that the registrars are often embarrassed to ask questions to same sex couples.

"I think it's fair to say that registrars are very well experienced in looking for the signs where opposite sex couples are concerned."

He further said, "But it is much more difficult to spot the signs if you have a same sex couple whether it be male or female."

Gay marriages were made legal in England and Wales in March. Thus, these gangs are making a living by taking the advantage of the law.

Ricardo said the BBC undercover reporter, "You say 'I am gay'. No more questions for you. Easy for gay."

Watch the BBC investigation video below: