Gandii Batt 3 sex scene involving Sheeva Rana and Lalit Bisht leaked
Gandii Batt 3 sex scene involving Sheeva Rana and Lalit Bisht leaked.Instagram/YouTube screenshot

The makers of Gandii Baat season 3 got a shocker when they realised that a sex scene featuring Sheeva Rana and Lalit Bisht has been leaked online. The two concerned actors have reacted to the unfortunate incident.

Both Sheeva and Lalit are extremely disturbed by the sex scene been leaked out of context, but the actress appears to be more upset.

"It was really disheartening when I came to know that the video clip of my intimate scene with Sheeva from the series got leaked. I felt bad initially, but now I am fine as it's not my real-life video that got leaked. It was just a scene from my series Gandii Baat 3 and I am really proud to perform it with ease as our director made us so comfortable during the shoot," Lalit told Spotboye.

Sheeva is much more upset with the incident as the bold scene appeared online without any context.

"I was little disappointed that the video has been leaked only because I wanted people to see the whole thing in a proper way. But now when it's already viral and thousands of people have seen it, nothing can be done. I am disheartened and really sad," she told the entertainment portal.

The concerned leaked scene from Gandii Baat 3 shows Sheeva and Lalit making out inside a running lift. The clip is now all over the internet, and is going viral on social media as well.