Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a name that requires no introduction. Considered as the symbol of peace and harmony in our country, he was one other strongest pillars in the independence of India. His contribution towards attaining freedom from the Britishers and working for the untouchables made him attain the title of Mahatma by Rabindranath Tagore.

From preaching nation the lessons of 'Non-Violence' and 'Satyagrah' to understanding all the burning challenges of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi has been one of the greatest leaders of India. Many Bollywood filmmakers have also tried to bring forth the magical life of Gandhi to the silver screen. While Sanjay Dutt's 'Lage Raho Munna Bhai' manage to garner popularity, there are many movies on the life of 'Father of Nation' that will tell you about the real struggles and challenges he faced during his lifetime and inspire you.

gandhi jayanti

As we commemorate the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, famously known as 'Gandhi Jayanti', let's have a look at 5 movies based on the life and teachings of Gandhiji.

1. The Making of Mahatma (1996)

gandhi jayanti 2020

Directed by the ace filmmaker Shyam Benegal, 'The Making of Mahatma' released in 1996 enlights Gandhiji's 21 years of life in South Africa. Inspired by the book – The Apprenticeship of a Mahatma authored by Fatima Meer, the movie showed how Mahatma Gandhi adopted non-violence to fight a critical issue like racial discrimination and more.

2. Gandhi My Father (2007)

gandhi jayanti 2020

While there are many movies that have talked about the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, this movie is told from the point of view of Ganjhiji's son Hiralal Gandhi. This movie showed Gandhi's strained relationship with his son and highlighted important aspects of his personal life. Akshay Kumar has played the role of Hiralal which Darshan Jariwala has portrayed the character of Mahatma Gandhi.

3. Gandhi (1982)

gandhi jayanti 2020

Released in 1982, this movie is a British-Indian movie that highlighted the early struggles of Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa and his efforts towards the freedom of India till his assassination in 1948. If you want to understand the life of Gandhiji, this movie directed by Richard Attenborough is a must-watch.

4. Gandhi to Hitler (2011)

gandhi jayanti 2020

Though this movie is not just about the life of Gandhi it did talk about his way to achieve success. The movie directed by Rakesh Ranjan Kumar is based on the letters Mahatma Gandhi wrote titled 'The Downfall' to Hitler during World War II. From the title, we all can draw that the movie talks about two completely opposite personality and their ways to attain what they wanted in life. Now, it's up to you, which way you want to go.

5. Nine hours to Rama (1963)

gandhi jayanti 2020

Directed by Mark Robson, though 'Nine hours to Rama' was made by a British director, still it managed to catch the essence of Gandhi's life and death. Adapted from a book authored by Stanley Wolpert, the movie majorly talked about the Gandhiji's assassinator Nathuram Godse and will give a different perspective to Gandhi's followers.

In the world filled with violence, hatred, and destruction, this Gandhi Jayanti, one must try and abide by Mahatma Gandhi's kind words and life lessons.