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The Connecticut-based brewing company in the United States has apologised for using the image of Mahatma Gandhi on their "Gandhi-Bot" beer cans, which has reportedly hurt the sentiments of Indians.

The New England Brewing Company had used the name and image of the Father of the Nation for the alcohol brand "Gandhi-Bot", which has gained quite a lot of publicity worldwide. 

"We do apologise if the good people of India find our Gandhi-Bot label offensive. Our intent is not to offend anyone but rather pay homage and celebrate a great man who we respect greatly. We take great care in creating a product we hope will not be abused in the manner that Mahatma Gandhi spoke of when referencing alcohol," Matt Westfall, head brewer and partner at the company said in an e-mail response to PTI.

Meanwhile, Westfall has also claimed that Gandhi's granddaughter and grandson had earlier expressed their admiration for the alcohol label. 

The company has now apologised after an Indian advocate S Janardhan Goud filed a petition at the Nampally court in Hyderabad claiming that the issue is highly condemnable and punishable, according to Indian Laws, which amounts to offence under Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act 1971, and Section 124-A of Indian Penal Code.

Earlier, some Indians residing in many parts of the US also protested the company's move and demanded an apology.

The petition filed against the company is slated to come up for hearing on Monday.