Gamescom 2014
Sony has unveiled some new games at Gamescom 2014.Facebook

Gamescom 2016, the annual European gaming event held at Cologne, Germany, assembles developers, publishers and gamers. Though the event officially starts on Aug. 17, public participants will be allowed access only from Aug.18. Ahead of the event, several publishers have revealed trailers of their upcoming games and some, like EA and Blizzard, have held press conferences to promote their offerings.

Sony and Microsoft had made it known that they would not hold any press conference at this year's event. Gamescom 2016 will end on Aug. 21.

EA Press Conference

"Battlefield 1"

EA has revealed that the upcoming FPS video game, "Battlefield 1," will have Open Beta on Aug. 31 and it will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Open Beta will include Sinai Desert map and two multiplayer modes – Conquest and Rush. The gameplay also showcased the player experience when it comes to horse riding and combat.

EA had earlier streamed the 64-player Squads match of "Battlefield 1." EA also released a new trailer and information about the Elite Classes (Flame Trooper, Sentry, Tank Hunter and Horses) in the game.

"Battlefield 1" is expected to be released on Oct. 21 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

"FIFA 17"

EA Sports released a new trailer for "FIFA 17" that revealed all the new signee clubs from Dortmund to Manchester United. The one-minute video also added new signings, skill moves, celebrations and gameplay.

"FIFA 17" is expected to be released on Sept. 27.

"NHL 17"

EA Sports also released a trailer for the upcoming "NHL 17" game that gives the first look at the all-new World Cup of Hockey game mode.

Blizzard Press Conference


Blizzard revealed a new Assault/Escort hybrid map, called Eichenwalde, for "Overwatch." The map would allow one team to barge into the Eichenwalde Castle, while the opposing team will defend the castle.

"Half-Life 3" poster prank

The organisers of Gamescom 2016 pulled a prank on the participants at the event with a "Half-Life 3." But it was not what it seemed.

The poster was the promotion for two German gaming websites, Giga Games and Spieletipps. The poster claims that the staff of the gaming websites played the game when the original "Half-Life" was released.

"Gears of War 4" 4K video

Microsoft has released a new 4K footage of "Gears of War 4." The game will be exclusive to Xbox One and PC.

This 10-minute video shows JD, Kait and Del, who are the heroes of the game pursuing an enemy at the old COG fort. They are seen facing other known enemies.

"Final Fantasy XV"

Square Enix is all set to showcase "Final Fantasy XV" with a playable demo at Gamescom 2016. Ahead of the event, it released a 50-minute gameplay footage that starts with the game's main character Noctis Lucius Caelum. Caelum, who is the crown prince, has to defeat the demon and defend his city.

The footage touches upon different things in the game, including combat, missions, and details of the game.

"Final Fantasy XV" is expected to be released for PS4 on Nov. 29.