• Friends on Sims 4
    The ingenious gamer has utilized the never-before experienced customization options in the gaming scenario to precisely recreate the sets of "Friends", in this case, the iconic Central Perk. Pheobe and Monica are seen involved in an animated conversation, as Rachel is huddled up with Chandler, who is giving off his "Could this BE more exciting?" hand gesture. Joey contemplates on a chair close by and Ross looks on. The depiction is almost too perfect with the neon signs and accurate colour orange of the gang's favourite couch.Imgur/Ian Roach
  • Monica's apartment on the Sims 4
    In this picture of Monica's apartment, she is seen chatting with her brother Ross in the kitchen as the rest of the gang hangs out in front of the TV. Here, the specifications of how each item is arranged meticulously counts, as Monica is known for her obsessive compulsive cleaning and how she likes to keep everything in its place. The view of the guest bedroom where once Phoebe, and before her, Rachel used to stay can be seen. Also a glimpse of the master bedroom and the door to the only room in which Monica stores her "extra baggage" is also seen.Imgur/Ian Roach
  • Arrested Development on Sims 4
    Roach is definitely not a one-show wonder, though. He also recreated the famous reincarnated TV show "Arrested Development". "Loving the new CAS! For me, it is a huge improvement and allows for a great deal of creativity (no to mention variety in final results). Had a go at Arrested Development. Uploaded them to the gallery if anyone is interested," he posted.Imgur/Ian Roach
  • Seinfeld on Sims 4
    In this typical scene from the popular show, "Seinfeld", Krammer is seen barging into Jerry's apartment and interrupt whatever George, Jerry and Elaine are discussing.Imgur/Ian Roach
  • Golden Girls on Sims 4
    The show, "The Golden Girls" has become more or less a golden memory in our time, but Roach has used the Sims 4 to invite them back into our lives. The picture shows Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia gabbing away at their home in Miami, Florida.null

The Sims 4 has barely been out and already a gamer named Ian Roach has recreated some of the most popular TV shows in the most realistic fashion and garnered much attention.

With its extensive customisation options, The Sims 4 allows players who have the patience and perseverance to sift through the hundreds of thousands of variations of the nuances of each character and setting, can now experience life stimulation options that are never seen before in the gaming world.

Reddit user ian80 has not only created proxies for our favourite "Friends" to exceptional detail on The Sims 4, but also their apartments and their favourite hangout places.

Roach has also created a haven for "The Golden Girls" fans, "Sex and the City" fans, "Seinfeld" fans and "Arrested Development" fans.

Roach's imgur profile has blown up in popularity, even though he has been a member of the site for only about four weeks. The recreations have been met with much appreciation and admiration.

Player Sun Cat posted, "Love it! I'm particularly impressed with your Tobias and your Gob.'

Reddit user Erractic Dragon rated Monica 10/10 "Instantly recognizable", Ross, 9/10, Rachel, 8/10 and Chandler, Joey and Pheobe 7/10 each. They further rated the Girls' and Guys' apartment 10 on 10, while Phoebe's and Ross's  apartment 7/10. They scored Roach's overall effort at 9 on 10 and promised to upvote again. 

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