Kit Harington
Kit HaringtonReuters

"Game of Thrones" star Kit Harington admitted that he "screwed himself over" by agreeing to keep long hair for his on-screen character Jon Snow in the hit HBO TV series.

Recently another "Game of Thrones" cast member Natalie Dormer, who plays the role of Margaery Tyrell, said that Harington must be an "idiot" to agree to the clause of keeping his hair long for the entire series as the female actors in the show use wigs instead of sticking to the same hairstyle for years.

When Metro reminded Harington of Dormer's comment, he said: "I know, how the f**k did they do that? I screwed myself over there."

The 28-year-old British actor, however, said that he would change his look soon. "Nah I can probably alter my appearance somewhat. I don't want the bother of it all really. If you look a certain way or you have a certain look it dominates what people think you are. So I'll cut it off quite soon. As soon as I'm allowed."

Harington played the lead in this year's "Pompeii" and will next appear in the movie project that is a depiction of Vera Brittain's memoir. The movie is titled "Testament of Youth" and is a First World War drama that is slated to release in January.

Since Harington is on contract to keep his long hair, he had to resort to wigs during the filming of "Testament of Youth", where he plays the character of Roland Leighton who has short locks.

The flick narrates the story of life on the front as well as of the family members who, at home, worry for the well-being of their loved ones taking active part in the war.

"The idea of leaving your girlfriend and maybe never seeing them is something, thankfully, I haven't experienced. Even soldiers nowadays... there's a much greater chance they'll come home than then," Harington said in a Radio Times interview.

Meanwhile, "Game of Thrones" – which is based on the fantasy novels of George RR Martin – was renewed for two more seasons, fifth and sixth, in April. And if rumours of a seventh season being in the pipeline are true, Harington will have to stick to this hairstyle for a longer time than he had planned. However, he does look good in long hair.