"Game of Thrones" actress Kerry Ingram, who played Stannis' daughter Shireen for three seasons, upset a section of fans last weekend when she decided to joke about her character's death.

Ingram, whose character Shireen was burned alive in "The Dance of Dragons" as an offering to the Lord of Light while her parents stood watching, quipped about the incident with the following picture.

But fans weren't too thrilled, and they tweeted her saying it was too soon to crack a joke about how her character died.

Realising that she has offended her fans, Ingram promptly apologised, writing: "Sorry guys, I'm at a BBQ with friends and family and couldn't help it. Just my sense of humour so sorry if you thought it was too soon #lol."

While Shireen's death was indeed shocking, another demise that shocked fans was that of Jon Snow's. Kit Harington's character apparently died after being stabbed by his Night's Watch comrades, but there have been speculations that he will resurface in the upcoming season.

"I can say emphatically that Jon Snow is definitely dead. I keep hearing that phrase in my head, 'Ding dong, the witch is dead.' After what you saw there, I think there's no more clear picture whether he is dead or not," director David Nutter told Variety.

On being asked if Melisandre will bring him back to life, the director added: "That's not my concern. My concern was to take care of Jon Snow, and he's now deader than dead."

As for whether Stannis is really dead, considering fans did not see Brienne deliver the fatal blow, Nutter said Stannis had nothing left to live for.

"I think that was basically in the script. Dan and David felt it best not to be gratuitous with that. You really got a sense that Stannis had nothing else to live for. Brienne's life-long mission had come to an end. It's a situation in which Stannis was ready to die and prepared to die. It would have been gratuitous," he noted.