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Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1 "Winterfell" did not show Night King but it gave us a chilling moment when Tormund and the Brothers of the Nightwatch found a boy's corpse. After watching the scene, several fans are convinced that Night King is a Targaryen but here we will tell you how that is not possible.

Let's first start by the scene from the first episode. At the end of episode 1, we saw Tormund and Beric Dondarrion find Ned Umber impaled to a wall surrounded by a bunch of severed limbs. Those limbs were arranged into a spiral pattern by the White Walkers. We have seen these cryptic designs in the previous seasons as well and we very well know that it is the work of White Walkers only.

Lord Umber suddenly wakes up and starts screaming. For a very calm and composed episode, his shrieking voice was very alarming. The only way to stop him from attacking someone or putting him to rest was to burn him alive. The Brotherhood Without Banners burn him alive in the middle of a fiery spiral which has made many to believe is the shape of a Targaryen sigil.

After watching the episode, several fans were convinced that the cryptic design resembles with the three-headed dragon sigil of House Targaryen.

In addition to this, it was revealed in previous episodes that only a true Targaryen can ride a dragon. For instance, Jon Snow rode a dragon magnificently in the first episode and as we all know he is a Targaryen. In the last episode of season seven, we saw Night King resurrecting Daenerys Targaryen's dragon and riding it to destroy the Wall. So, does this mean that is a Targaryen?

Check out a few such tweets where fans are wondering about Night King's true parentage:

Yes, the sigil and the cryptic design look almost similar but Night King cannot be a Targaryen because the Children of the Forest, the mysterious non-human race, who made Night King, lived thousands of years before the reign of Men. What it means is that Night King was created before there were any Nobel Houses in the Westeros. Moreover, there is a possibility that the House Targaryen's sigil could have been inspired by Night King's designs, not the other way around.

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 will air in India on April April 22, at 6:30 a.m.