Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen
Emilia Clarke as Daenerys TargaryenHBO

April 14 is just a month away and the number of speculations that are circulating on the internet on a daily basis about how the show will end can surely be brought into one as a whole new show altogether. But not all of them are outright ridiculous, some make sense. And the source of all this -  yes of course – Reddit. Recently, a user came up with this intriguing theory about Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen.

The theory goes like this, let us keep you updated with the key points that should be kept in mind about what happened to Emilia's character till now. First of all, she has lost one of her sons (i.e. Dragon Viscerion) to the Night King, who now has the beast under its control. The Khaleesi is also in a relationship with Jon Snow. And as far as how season 8 will end, in a recent interview to Vanity Fair, the actress though did not say much about it but added, "It's fu*****" me up."

Jon Snow and Daenerys TargaryenTwitter/Official Game of Thrones page

Her further revelation about her character "Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavour in someone's mouth of what Daenerys is…" has been open to a lot of interpretations. The stress in that quote is on the words, "what Daenerys is." This few words have been interpreted a lot by many Reddit users.

One of the users went ahead and made this interpretation, "She said it's going to mess people up when they find out WHAT SHE IS, not WHO she is. I think she's a dragon trapped in human form." He further added, "If the Night King on Viserion tries to blast John Snow with dragon fire, Daenerys could push him out of harm's way and get hit herself. This could be the third fire that sets her free. If she turns into a dragon and fires on the Night King she fulfils many prophecies."

And if she fulfils them all, then she will become The Stallion that mounts the world, and Azor Ahai and her dragon flames will be the Lightbringer. Now, it's all about waiting till April 14.