HBO just released footage from Game of Thrones Season 6 and it shows a proud, confident Ramsay Bolton on horseback leading a Bolton army. Of course, Roose Bolton's (Michael McElhatton) bastard does have his reasons to look triumphant. After all, he did lead his men to victory against Stannis Baratheon's large army. However, Ramsay's (Iwan Rheon) smugness in the footage hints at what's in the offing for the North and for him.

Season 6 of the fantasy series will depict more of Ramsay's cruelty. The bastard, who got legitimised in Season 5 will perhaps continue to ravage the North and force the Starks' bannermen to lend their allegiance to the Boltons. The series might adopt this story from the books. However, the producers might tweak the plot, in that Ramsay will use an imposter and show off his Stark bride to legitamise his actions in the North. In the books, Ramsay used Jane Pool to fool the north into thinking he married Arya Stark. 

This perhaps explains why we see a lot of bannermen fighting for the Boltons in the battle for Winterfell. A recent spoiler from the sets suggests that Ramsay and Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) will fight for the castle. This battle is being called "The Battle of the Bastards", and if the reports are true, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), the eldest of the Stark family will also join her half-brother.

Ramsay's ambition to truly establish his power over the North is perhaps a result of the news that his father Roose Bolton is expecting a kid. A true-born in any case has more of a claim than a recently legitimised bastard.

Fans of the show would remember that every character who is very secure of his/her position gets killed on "Game of Thrones". However, we predict that it might be a while before he dies. Perhaps he will meet his death in the battle with Jon Snow, but it remains to be seen.  

Game of Thrones Season 6 is expected to air in April 2016 on HBO.

Watch the newly released footage here: 

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