Game of thrones mother's mercy
Cersei in 'Mother's Mercy'HBO

The season 5 finale of "Game of Thrones" was bloodier than usual that saw a number of characters biting the dust, and some other beloved characters in a bad spot.

As predicted, "Mother's Mercy" saw Stannis getting ready to march towards Winterfell. But his men aren't with him, as many were displeased with Shireen's sacrifice, and they left taking half his supplies. He also had to deal with the death of Lady Selyse, who was unable to deal with the grief of Shireen's death and ended up taking her own life.

And although Stannis marched towards Winterfell with the aim to take over the land, the Boltons proved to be a much ferocious force. But it wasn't any of Bolton men who killed Stannis; Brienne of Tarth appears and she sentences him to die for being involved in Renly's death.

Just as Stannis was losing the battle, his beloved Melisandre makes her way back to Castle Black, and it looks like she will have a role in bringing Jon, who is apparently dead, back to life.

As predicted, Jon's comrades from the Night's Watch stab him repeatedly and leave him to die. Although George R R Martin's book "A Dance with Dragons" ended on this cliffhanger, speculations are rife he would be brought back to life, as the Red Priestess knows how to resurrect the dead.

But according to episode director David Nutter, Jon is really dead. When asked by Deadline if he was truly dead, Nutter answered in the affirmative.

Elsewhere in the episode, we saw Arya succeeding in her mission to kill Meryn Trant, but the men at the House of Black and White aren't too happy with her. Sansa and Reek aka Theon make an attempt to escape; Myrcella is poisoned by the Sand Snakes, Tyrion is joined by Varys, and Cersei finally takes the walk of atonement, naked.

Although the High Sparrow had his way in season 5, the upcoming season is going to see Cersei put up a brave fight, thanks to the new member of the Kingsguard.