"Game of Thrones" Season 5 finale left behind many unanswered questions. Apart from Jon Snow's death, the other most spine-chilling twist was the full-fledged introduction of the Night's King.

According to what has already been shown, the Night's King was actually the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, who fell in love with a woman, who many believed was a white walker.

Jon Snow experienced the power of the Night's King and clearly, the army of dead that was led by the Night's King was unimaginably unbeatable.

Now, the question that lingers is that is there anyone who can defeat the Night's King?

Here are top 5 characters that we think could possibly bring down the Night's King:

Arya Stark

By the end of Season 5, we know that Arya, who is training to become the faceless man, has gone blind after betraying her master Jaqen H'ghar. But, we think she could still play a major role in the battle against the white walkers.

As we know, the younger Stark daughter has always come across as a fighter. Not much of a girl, but more like a warrior, her inclination has always been towards swordplay.

We have already seen in Season 5, how ruthless and cold Arya could be, and she is turning out to be a merciless assassin. A girl so focused towards achieving her goals, could Arya play a major role in bringing down the Night's King?

She has the Needle gifted by Jon Snow (in Season 1), which she has kept hidden outside the House of Black and White. Could Arya replace the Needle with a Valyrian steel sword in Season 6 and fight the Night's King?

Brienne Of Tarth

By now, Brienne has already proved that she is one of the greatest warriors in Westeros. She proved how determined she is towards her duties by killing Stannis Baratheon in Season 5 and now she is on her toes to save Sansa's life.

But if she doesn't find Sansa, as the Stark daughter has actually escaped from the Bolton claws, she may just head North to save Bran. If this happens, then, it's possible that she may have to even fight the White Walkers.

As of now, Brienne Of Tarth looks like the strongest contender to kill the Night's King as she is the one who has a big Valyrian steel sword (gifted by Jaime Lannister).

Daenerys Targaryen/Drogon

Apart from the Valyrian steel, if you remember, a White Walker has been taken down only by dragonglass. So, we think that there's a huge possibility that Dany will have a major role in the battle against the White Walkers. And, it will be only because she has Drogon by her side.

Though she is currently stuck in the land of Dothraki, it's highly likely that she will head towards the wall and will use Drogon's flames against the Night's King in the future series.

Bran Stark

Well, Bran was missing from Season 5, but now it has been confirmed that the Stark boy will reappear in Season 6. We know that Bran has some powers and is experiencing visions. It's possible that he will return back with more powers.

A Season 4 flashback will remind you that Bran had a vision of the Night's King walking towards the Crater's son. So, we think it could possibly mean that he will have a face-off with the Night's King in the next season. And, if he becomes more powerful, there's a possibility that he will become a warg to fight the Night's King.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow is the only one who has already witnessed the powers of the White Walkers and the Night's King. Well, as of now, Jon Snow remains dead in the series. But if the theory of Melisandre, who is already at Castle Black, bringing him back from the dead stands true, then he will prove to be a strong warrior against the Night's King.