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A photo from the sets of "Game of Thrones", which is currently filming season 6, has opened up a number of possible scenarios that would lead to Daenerys escape from the Dothraki horde, who were closing in on her and Drogon when season 5 ended.

Spanish Ambassador and former HBO vice president of Global Licensing and Retail James Costos recently visited the Almeria set of the fantasy drama, and he posted a seemingly harmless picture that has spoiler forums buzzing with theories.

The photograph in question shows fire in the background, and speculations are rife that Drogon might have started the fire to protect his mother, Daenerys.

Another set of photographs published by, show the remains of a hut that was burnt to the ground, and spoiler forum Winter is Coming, too, have come to the conclusion that Drogon might have been the one who started the fire.

"But is this a rescue attempt by that lazy Drogon, who has probably been having a dragon nap this whole time, only to wake up and go pull his mother's fat out of the frying pan and into the fire once again? A dragon attack could also inspire shock and awe in the Dothraki, separate and apart from any fire-resistance on Dany's part," noted the forum.

Another theory put the blame of starting the fire on Daario and Jorah. According to Los Siete Reinos, a scene that was filmed along with fire saw the two lying on a hilltop watching Daenerys as she is brought to the village.

Reportedly, a huge celebration scene was also filmed, and speculations are rife that this could be the Dothrakis celebrating Daenerys' capture.

"Game of Thrones" is expected to return to HBO in April 2016.