Most "Game of Thrones" fans are still worried about the return of Jon Snow, but we are quite certain the Night Watcher is alive. But there is another seemingly dead character we do want to see in the next season of the HBO fantasy series: Sandor Clegane aka The Hound.

The last we saw the Hound (Rory McCann), he was fatally wounded in a duel with Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie). He begs his travel companion Arya (Maisie Williams) to kill him, but she refuses to do so, and leaves him on the side of a mountain road in the Vale.

As we already know, Brienne is travelling all over the seven kingdoms to bring all the Stark children to safety, and her quest takes her to Riverland, wherein she runs into a horse that The Hound used to ride. This leads the knight to the Elder Brother from the books of George R R Martin.

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The Elder Brother gives Brienne some information regarding the Hound, but suggests he is in fact dead. However, the Elder Brother has hired a gravedigger, who looks quite similar to Sandor and sports injuries similar to the ones he would, had he survived the wounds inflicted by Brienne.

After all, he and Arya have some seemingly unfinished business, as subtly revealed in Season 5, when the youngest Stark daughter was training to be a faceless person. When she was playing the lying game with her mentor Jaqen H'ghar, she has almost let it slip that she misses her former travel companion.

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Ian McShane has been hired for minute role in Season 6, and we assume he will appear as the Elder Brother, the leader of the community of healers on Quiet Isle. He has hinted about his part to Pop Goes the News: "I am responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you're never going to see again. I'll leave it at that."

We think it is safe to assume the "somebody" is the Hound. While his and Arya's meeting may be a couple of seasons away, his return is almost certain.

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