The Hound fighting with Brienne of Tarth
The Hound fighting with Brienne of TarthFacebook

In the previous episode, titled "The Broken Man," of HBO's "Game of Thrones" Season 6, the Hound returned. At the beginning of the episode, a group of men were building a structure and while a man struggled to lift a huge log and take it to the building site, it was revealed that the log was in fact the Hound.

After the credits, the Hound was seen cutting the wood, while the ringleader exclaimed that he has never seen someone axing the wood like the Hound does. When the leader asked the Hound that how he does that, the Hound jokingly revealed that he was in fact, a woman.

While the group took a break from the work, the leader went to the Hound and told him that the men of his group seem to be afraid of him. He recalled the time when he had found the Hound on the road and believed that he was already dead. When the leader asked the Hound what kept him moving, he replied by saying that it was hatred.

Elsewhere, Queen Margaery was reading the Book of the Mother when the High Sparrow came to her. Quoting from the book, Margaery admitted that though she always acted to help the poor, she never really loved them. The High Sparrow told her that she has made great progress and he hoped that Margaery's grandmother will be fine soon too.

Accompanied by Septa, Margaery met Olenna and encouraged her to leave while slipping something into her discreetly so that the Septa isn't able to see. Olenna accepted Margaery's proposal and unrolled the paper that Margaery had slipped into her hand. The paper revealed a rose; the sigil of their house.

In the next scene, Jon Snow was seen warning the Free Folk that if he falls, the Karstarks, Umbers, and Boltons will surely come for them. Tormund sided with Jon and reminded the Free Folk that Jon died for them. Hence, it is their duty to stand beside him now. The first Free Folk who pledged his allegiance was Wun Wun. The other Free Folk followed his lead soon.