Game of Thrones
Game of ThronesScreenshot/ HBO

There is a lot of mystery behind Kit Harington's Jon Snow's death on "Game of Thrones" season 5, with showrunners saying the character was gone for good and fans refusing to believe that the Lord Commander won't be featured in season 6.

Soon after the season 5 finale entitled "Mother's Mercy," where Jon was stabbed by his Night's Watch comrades, several fan theories noted that Melisandre's presence in the North could only indicate that Jon would be brought back to life by using magical powers.

Interestingly, cast member Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys, also believes Melisandre's hasty return to the Wall has something to do with Jon's revival. However, she confessed she does not know what's in store for Harington's character in season 6, as the showrunners tend to keep secrets from her.

"They know that I can't lie very well. I can, with all honesty, say I have no idea what's happening," Clarke said, according to Vanity Fair, adding that there was a "50/50" chance of Snow returning.

Interestingly, "Game of Thrones" fans have started a petition online urging Harington to cut his hair so that they wouldn't have to wait for yet another year to find out if Jon was coming back or not.

According to fans, if Jon was really dead, then Harington shouldn't have a problem cutting his locks, as it wouldn't hamper the continuity of the story.

The petition on reads: "As a dedicated Game of Thrones fan, myself, alongside many others, are sick and tired of being toyed around by your beautifully, luscious locks. This whole full-head of lush, to a massacred forest, to a hairurrection thing is tearing us apart. If "Dead is Dead" as GoT show creators suggest, cut those locks down-a-size so we can finally begin to move on with our lives."

Season 6 of "Game of Thrones" is likely to return to HBO in April 2016.