"Game of Thrones" Season 6 is not returning until 2016, but the filming for the upcoming season is going on in full swing. A lot of action on the sets clearly makes way for a lot of buzz and rumours on the web.

The latest reports suggest that Croatia, which has provided the setting for King's Landing, has been dropped for the upcoming season. Apart from this, the other major cast rumour is that Sandor Clegane aka The Hound (Rory McCann) could be returning to "Game of Thrones".

According to Daily Mail, Old Town of Dubrovnik in Croatia, which has been the hub of all the political drama on the HBO fantasy series, has been dropped as the set for King's Landing. The website also pointed out that the village of Klis -- which served as Mereen -- may also not be on the location list at the moment.

The report further stated that Cersei's infamous Walk of Shame, where she marched from the Great Sept of Baelor to the Red Keep, was the last event to be shot in Old Town of Dubrovnik. And, Daenerys Targaryen fleeing from the slave city on dragon's back was the last scene shot in Klis.

"We can confirm that based on story and location needs, "Game of Thrones" will not be shooting in Croatia for season 6. The question of whether the production will return to Croatia in the future will be decided once additional seasons are officially set by HBO. At that time, the production, along with HBO, will assess their location needs based on the scripts and storylines," HBO confirmed through an official statement.

Meanwhile, Watchers On The Wall, a "Game of Thrones" fan-run website, reported that actor Rory McCann, who plays The Hound, was spotted at a hotel (often used by HBO and show's cast members) in Belfast recently.

The website pointed out that since McCann has no other projects lined-up, there's no other reason except for GoT for the actor to be in Belfast.

The Hound was last seen in the finale of Season 4 when he fought Brienne of Tarth and assumingly, suffered a painful death. But, his death was never officially confirmed nor did anyone see him die.

Now, the fans are really excited with the news of The Hound being spotted on the location as it gives them hope that he may come back in "Game Of Thrones" Season 6. There are wild speculations as to why The Hound may return. Many think that he may comeback for his own "funeral", while others assume that he may be returning for some flashback scenes.

The news of The Hound returning and the location change hints at a huge possibility of a changed storyline. Well, if this happens, then this is not the first time that the TV series would drift away from the original content.

Now, whatever it is, we will know only when "Game of Thrones" Season 6 returns on HBO in 2016.