Ser Arthur Dayne
Ser Arthur Daynescreenshot/youtube

"Game of Thrones" Season 6 Spoilers Ahead

"Game of Thrones" show-runners have put up a casting call for a "Legendary Fighter" for the upcoming season, sparking rumours that a beloved character form the books, Ser Arthur Dayne, may finally be making an appearance in the HBO series.

He has been mentioned plenty of times in "Game of Thrones", even by Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) at one point, where is glances through a history book about the tales of Ser Arthur Dayne and the Sword of the Morning. Although there are no conclusive notes about it in the books, many theories also suggest that Jon Snow's mother is from the house of Dayne and that Arthur is therefore his uncle.

What makes Arthur so legendary is his sword, which is made from the "heart of a fallen star" and unlike other noble houses that hand down prestigious swords from father to son, Daynes bestow one honourable knight with the ancestral sword. He said to be as magnanimous and honourable as he is brave and his casting of exciting news to all "GoT" fans.

Meanwhile, a video that features actress Tehmina Sunny auditioning for a role in 'Game of Thrones' season 6 was leaked by Portuguese website "Game Of Thrones BR". 

According to the George RR Martin book, Kinvara is a priestess who goes to the Meereen to help Tyrion and Varys while Danaerys is away, meaning that Drogon is still throwing up tantrums and at least in the beginning of season 6, the Mother of Dragons isn't back in the Meereen.

According to Game of Thrones BR's transcript of the audition, Kinvara believes that Danaerys is the savior of seven kingdoms. She promises Tyrion and Varys that the Lord of the Light will persuade the people of Mereen into believing that she is a gift to them. Her dragons are versions of fire personified, and that she is leader who will lead the Lord's people against darkness; now and for the war that is to come.

Vary responds by pointing out to Kinvara the fate of Stannis, who was also supposed to be "the chosen one". Why should they then believe a Red priestess, when another's visions were wrong? Her statement also confirms that Brienne did kill Stannis in "Mother's Mercy".

Kinvara then goes on to explain that everything happens for a reason, even Varys' mutilation as a child, because that is what lead him into helping the chosen, aka Danarys, bring light to the world. "Do you remember what you heard the night the sorcerer tossed your parts into the flames? Should I tell you what the voice said? Must I tell you the name of the one who spoke it or where he lives?" (Translated using Google Translate)

The leak, much like the one that occurred ahead of season 5, with the audition of one of the Sand Snakes, has given fans quite a few answers with regards to what can be expected in season 6. However, the death that devastated all fans, that of Lord Commander Jon Snow, has not yet been confirmed. 

Although Kit Harrington, who portrays Jon Snow, has said that his character is actually dead, MTV News has pointed out that Jon Snow's eyes change colour as the camera zooms on his face. We do not know if this piece of information could mean anything substantial, or is just a visual trick. 

Regardless, we will get all the answers come April 2016.