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The latest season of HBO's "Game of Thrones" has been on a roll, and situations are getting dramatic with each passing episode. This Sunday's episode saw Tyrion getting kidnapped, Arya starting her initiation, Sansa getting betrothed and Tommen and Margaery getting married.

On 3 May, we'll see more of the Sand Snakes as Jaime and Bronn make their way into Dorne by sea. Although they wanted their arrival to be a secret, the duo soon find out that things don't go as planned.

Meanwhile, Sansa, who is to be wed to the sinister Ramsay Bolton, discusses her future with Littlefinger. Initially, the eldest Stark daughter was hesitant to enter into an alliance with the Boltons, who was responsible for the Red Wedding that saw the deaths of her brother as well as mother.

But Littlefinger advices Sansa to go ahead with the alliance, as it will enable her to avenge her family. "You've been a bystander to tragedy from the day they executed your father," he said. "There's no justice in the world, not unless we make it. You loved your family. Avenge them."

It remains to be seen if Sansa's story will mimic Jeyne Poole's story featured in the books by author George R.R. Martin, where Jeyne, Sansa's friend and the daughter of the steward of Winterfell, is married off to Ramsay.

In the books Ramsay constantly hurts Jeyne, whom he believes to be Arya Stark.

Up North, the official synopsis of the upcoming episode titled "The Sons of the Harpy" notes that Jon Snow will be tempted by Melisandre. The books don't feature a romance between the two, but Kit Harington sounded off on the subject, telling Entertainment Weekly that she tries to seduce him. 

"Who knows what Melisandre sees in people, but she's obviously obsessed with bastards and noble blood. There's obviously something a bit special about him in this story, and she locks in on that. So this season she tries to seduce him. That's her power play. It's going to be an interesting battle!"

"Game of Thrones" airs Sundays on HBO.