Jaime and Cersei in a scene from 'Game of Thrones' season 5
Jaime and Cersei in a scene from 'Game of Thrones' season 5Facebook/Game of Thrones

HBO's "Game of Thrones" series has been diverging from its source material, George R R Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire," in season 5. But Cersei Lannister's story arc has remained the same, and it won't be long before she does the 'Walk of Atonement'.

In the books, Cersei is forced to do the 'Walk of Shame' or 'Walk of Atonement', a punishment in the Seven Kingdoms reserved to humiliate women publicly for adultery, shortly after she accuses Margaery Tyrell of multiple extra-marital affairs.

However, things take a turn for the worse for Cersei, as the Faith arrest Cersei for capital crimes when the truth gets out. Her body hair is removed and she is forced to walk naked on the streets of King's Landing, as a crowd jeers at her.

This scene is expected to take place in the penultimate episode of the season, as "Game of Thrones" is known for reserving most of its important and shocking scenes for the ninth episode of the season.

While the ninth episode of the first season featured Eddard Stark's beheading, the penultimate episode of the following seasons featured the battle of Blackwater, the Red Wedding, and the Wildling attack.

The official synopsis of the ninth episode entitled "The Dance of Dragons" is yet to be announced, but actor Eugene Simon, who plays Faith Militant Lancel Lannister, revealed to E!Online that the final few episodes will be about justice.

 "I don't want to ruin the story but yes, there's a moment that I absolutely can't wait for fans to see," Simon said. "Let's put it this way: justice will be done. I'm excited to see justice be done. This really is the best season yet."

"Game of Thrones" airs Sundays on HBO. The upcoming episode is entitled "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" and its synopsis reads: "Arya trains. Jorah and Tyrion run into slavers. Trystane and Myrcella make plans. Jaime and Bronn reach their destination. The Sand Snakes attack."