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Sansa Stark's wedding night couldn't have gone any worse. The eldest daughter of Eddard Stark was brutally raped and humiliated by sadistic husband Ramsay Bolton while her childhood friend Theon was forced to watch.

The rape scene and her ensuing days as Ramsay's wife will be a major turning point for Sansa, who was till now under the impression that Theon was the one who murdered her brothers.

But Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa on HBO's "Game of Thrones," told Entertainment Weekly that it will be interesting to see how Sansa's relationship with Theon plays out.

"When I got the scripts, it was bit like, dude, I felt so bad for her. But I also felt excited because it was so sick, and being reunited with Theon too, and seeing how their relationship plays out. Theon's a member of the Stark clan but she thinks he totally betrayed and killed her brothers. It's a messed-up relationship between them," she said.

It remains to be seen what will move forward from her horrible wedding night, but it can be assured that she won't be the weak, undecided girl of the previous four seasons. Sansa is now a hardened woman, and she is committed to reclaiming her land, come what may.

Sadly, the official synopsis of next Sunday's episode does not give out much spoilers on what will happen to the character. It just reads that Sansa tries to talk to Theon.

Elsewhere in the episode, fans will see Jon Snow preparing to go on his mission to bring back the rest of the Wildings, an idea that doesn't sit well with the rest of the Night's Watch; Stannis is ready for war; Olenna confronts High Sparrow.

The official synopsis reads: "Jon (Kit Harington) prepares for conflict. Sansa (Sophie Turner) tries to talk to Theon (Alfie Allen). Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) waits for a sign. Stannis (Stephen Dillane) remains stubborn. Jaime attempts to reconnect with family."

"Game of Thrones" season 5 episode 7 will air Sunday on HBO.