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Season four of "Game of Thrones" was a compelling piece of television that was high on drama. The episode titled "The Children" came to an end with the murder of two characters – one which many would say was well-deserved, but the other came as a shock to many.

Tywin Lannister met his unexpected death at the hands of his son, Tyrion, who makes a detour to meet his dad before fleeing from the castle. But Tyrion's killing of Shae, who was in Tywin's bed, was an unexpected twist that people unfamiliar with the "Game of Thrones" book series expected.

Tyrion looks heartbroken when he sees his former lover in his father's bed, but doesn't attempt to hurt her until Shae grabs for a knife. Tyrion strangles her with a necklace, crying, "I'm sorry."

While many viewers were quick to judge her for ditching Tyrion for his father, Sibel Kekilli, who played the role of Shae, told TVLine in an interview that from her character's point of view, being with Tywin, who is believed to be the worst guy in King's Landing, was her only option.

"When I act, I try not to think like Sibel. I try to think like Shae. But, again, she didn't have any choice after the trial scene. The people hated Tyrion after the trial, and she had been with him. Who could she be with after that? There was one choice. She had to choose the most powerful man in King's Landing. And who is that? It's Tywin. If she wants to stay alive, she has to take that step," said Kekilli.

"In the end, she thinks Tywin is in the room, and she says 'My Lion.' That expression was for Tyrion only. He was her lion. But because she's a prostitute again, she's lost all hope for a regular life, she's trying to get rid of everything that reminds her of Tyrion — to make nothing special of what they had," she added.

After the two murders, Tyrion meets with Varys, who loads him into a crate and puts it onto a ship heading out of King's Landing. And in the last minute, the eunuch jumps onto the ship himself.

In the meantime, Daenerys appears to be having a tough time with the new world order she has created as a lot of slaves seem to want to go back to their former masters. Daenerys also has problems controlling her dragons, and she unwittingly locks up two of them. But Drogon seems to have escaped from being chained.

Jon Snow gets some help from Stannis, Davos and a legion of soldiers, to whom Snow introduces himself as Ned Stark's son.

In the final episode, Arya and Brienne have a bonding moment and Pod and Brienne realize that they are looking at Arya Stark only when Sandor comes. During the fight between Brienne and Sandor, she bites off his ear and throws him down a cliff. Arya goes into hiding and Brienne and Pod rushes to find her, but in the opposite direction of where Arya is.

Following the fight, Sandor urges Arya to go after Brienne, but she feels she is better off alone. The episode ends with Arya setting sail to Braavos.